National Advisory Committee on Occupational Safety and Health (NACOSH)

In Barbados, an integral component of the OSH system is the National Advisory Committee on Occupational Safety and Health (NACOSH) which facilitates social dialogue on occupational safety and health issues in Barbados.

NACOSH was established in 1983 in accordance with the provisions of the Factories Act, 1982. The Terms of Reference defining NACOSH’s mandate are as follows:

  1. To make recommendations on matters referred to it by the Minister, submitted to it by interested parties or pursued by the Committee by its own initiative.
  2. To advise the Minister on programmes in the field of occupational safety, health and hygiene.
  3. To advise the Minister on policies and procedures in standard setting and in the development and review of regulations and guidelines to be used by the Government.
  4. To review and make recommendations to the Minister on the introduction of new processes or substances in the workplace.
  5. To review and make recommendations with regard to the safety, health and welfare arrangements for specific occupational groups and in areas where there are no formal health and safety programmes; or where such programmes are judged to be inadequate.
  6. To facilitate the creation of public education and sensitisation programmes on matters of health, safety, welfare and wellness.
  7. To liaise with other relevant agencies and assist with the coordination of activities pertaining to occupational health and safety, in order to prevent duplication of efforts and ensuring the best utilisation of resources.
  8. To provide a forum to identify and discuss major issues impacting safety, health and hygiene at the national level and to formulate ideas to oversee such.
  9. To conduct an annual self-assessment of its performance versus its mandate and share that assessment with the Minister of Labour; and
  10. to be the link between the Ministry of Labour and stakeholders who will provide information on an on-going basis on the state of the safety and health in their respective departments and industries through their representatives.