Chemical Safety & Hazardous Materials Handling Training

The Health and Safety at Work Act (2005) refers to establishing safe systems of work. Participants will learn about the system of ‘pictograms’ (e.g. WHMIS and GHS symbols) and their meaning; understand the types of information provided in supplier labels on products and workplace equipment, as well as the basics on how to read safety data sheets (SDS). This course also includes valuable practical advice on basic health and safety measures to inform personnel on how to protect themselves, prevent workplace injuries and illnesses, and on how to find additional information on hazardous materials.

Intended Audience: Managers and Supervisors, Maintenance Personnel, Industrial Cleaners, Chemical Production Workers, Store Keepers, Safety Delegates, Current and Future Members of Safety Committees, Government OHS Inspectors and Operatives/Floor Workers and Interested Persons.

Duration: 8 Hours

Cost: $438 USD / $876 BDS