Machine and Process Safeguarding (including LOTO)

Lockout/ Tag out (LOTO) standard involves the adoption and implementation of practices and procedures to shut down equipment, isolate it from its energy source(s), and prevent the release of potentially hazardous energy while maintenance and servicing activities are being performed. Topics include: the different types of energies that might require LOTO; the roles and responsibilities of those involved with LOTO, and LOTO provisions in applicable legislation. After completing this course the participant will be able to list the steps of applying LOTO on the job including proper notification, awareness of energy hazards, controlling the hazards, applying LOTO, performing the work, removing LOTO equipment, restarting the equipment, and making proper notifications. It looks at minimum performance requirements, and definitive criteria for establishing an effective programme for the control of hazardous energy whilst allowing the development of customized lockout/tag out programmes for specific facilities.

Intended Audience: Process Engineers, Safety Specialists, Machine Maintainers, Machine Builders, Process Designers, Ergonomists, Plant Managers/Supervisors and Electricians.

Duration: 8 Hours

Cost: $438 USD / $876 BDS