Indoor Air Quality and Mould Awareness Training

This course has been designed to (a) familiarize participant with health effects caused by various methods available for the assessment of indoor air quality (IAQ) and mould issues; as well as to suggest strategies to control them. The course topics include: defining IAQ and commonly used terms, mould health issues, typical building occupant complaints and possible causes, regulatory framework “supporting” indoor air quality issues, the operation of specific instruments typically used in indoor air quality assessments, interpretation of indoor air quality data generated by instruments normally used during indoor air quality assessments, strategies for the control of typical indoor air quality concerns, and mould abatement practices.

Intended Audience: Property Managers, HR Staff, Facility Operators, OHS Physicians/Nurses, Maintenance Managers and all Interested Persons.

Duration: 8 Hours

Cost: $438 USD / $876 BDS